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Hayley W

Rising Mentor   Top 5%  

Finance Strategy consultant - Deutsche

Hayley is a finance and strategy consultant who excels in supporting clients in seizing future opportunities. Her career spans from being a research analyst to portfolio manager, to strategy consultant for companies across industries. Some of the key areas that Hayley considers herself to be good at are market sizing, sector/market research, valuation, data analysis, M&A, and revenue and expense p... Read more

Mike P

Featured Mentor   Top 5%  

Senior Financial Analyst - Credit Suisse

Senior financial analyst with CPA credentials and proven experience in financial modeling and reporting, risk management, corporate finance, strategy development, and relationship management. Currently involved with a financial company, conducting quantitative analysis of financial data to forecast revenue and future trends and identify possible risks related to acquisitions, capital expenditures,... Read more

Evan A

New Mentor  

Research Analyst - Barclays

Hey, everyone! I’m Evan, a research analyst for Barclays. Prior to my current role, I was an underwriter for an insurance company. In my present role, I perform all analysis and due diligence on companies within the insurance sector. I also develop forecasting models to determine company cashflows and operational and financial metrics. Moreover, I work with other traders to develop an investment... Read more

Lloyd B

New Mentor  

Financial Analyst - JP Morgan

Financial analyst for JP Morgan, responsible for originating, structuring, and executing various client engagements across industries that include tech, insurance, banking, and energy. I also build valuation and transaction models, negotiate contracts and agreements, and prepare investor presentations. Additionally, I lead different consulting assignments. Need to draw up insights about investm... Read more

Chance S

Top 5%  

Financial Analyst - UBS

I’m a fixed-income analyst with an MS degree in mathematical finance. My day-to-day responsibilities in my current role include performing financial modeling for derivative analytics, analyzing risk factors with consideration for clients’ needs, and identifying hedging alternatives. I also act as a broker for the purchase and sale of different fixed-income securities. My skills in finance a... Read more

Merlin B

New Mentor  

Investment Analyst - Barclays

Are you an individual looking for personal empowerment and a way to accelerate your employment in the banking and finance industry? If so, my mentoring could help you get your desired goal. I’m an experienced investment analyst who’s been conducting industry and company analysis for 5+ years to support investment decisions. Together with my colleagues, I recently raised more than a million ... Read more

Olivia J

Featured Mentor   Top 10%  

Senior Investment Analyst - HSBC

Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m a senior investment analyst with over 7 years of experience in the field. At present, I manage investment platforms for different variable insurance products and participate in negotiating contracts and agreements to ensure competitive revenue and product profitability. I also specialize in developing models for attribution analysis, performance reporting, and portfolio ... Read more

Maxine A

New Mentor  

Strategic Corporate Financial Analyst - Jefferies

Maxine is a strategic corporate financial analyst who’s been in the workforce for 9 years. In her current role, she works directly with the CFO on doing P&L analyses to improve forecasting of the profitability of projects as well as operational results. She also analyses strategic acquisition alternatives, recommends portfolio adjustments, and co-manages a fixed-income portfolio with a total val... Read more

Michael E

Featured Mentor   Rising Mentor  

Equity Research Supervisor - Barclays

I’m an equity research supervisor with 6+ years of experience building financial models for buying and selling recommendations for companies in the healthcare, industrials, and energy industries. I’ve been leading a group of research analysts, training them on critical database quality control while also managing comprehensive presentations to over 100 clients. My practice is supported by a BS... Read more

Paul M

Top 10%  

Mentor - Quill Capital Partners

I am a seasoned finance professional with a strong background in investment analysis, offering over ten years of expertise as an investment banker, business advisor, and project developer. Throughout my career, I have provided strategic advice to numerous companies, assisting them in executing over 100 transactions and investment initiatives worth millions of dollars. Are you facing challenges ... Read more

Jay H

New Mentor   Featured Mentor  

Financial Analyst - Credit Suisse

I worked with a number of top companies, helping them take care of their tax responsibilities. Part of my responsibilities includes preparing all financial information, providing required documentation for tax compliance, maintaining and reconciling all tax ledger accounts, performing regular audits, analyzing all transactions, and offering alternatives as needed to better meet tax requirements. ... Read more

Nathaniel L

Rising Mentor   Top 10%  

Investment Analyst - UBS

For years, I’ve been analyzing investments and developing investment opinions that institutional clients use to support their investment decisions. I was involved with financial firms like UBS a year ago, and now I act as a trusted advisor for a handful of entrepreneurs, assisting them in building and scaling their businesses, usually from the ground up. I enjoy working with people who have ... Read more